2014. augusztus 27., szerda

harsh realm

Guess what, this summer sucked balls. The picture above was made for the memory of it, and for my dog, Bingo, who's smelly farts and loving memory will haunt me forever. But luckily there was some nice stuff too, i red a lot of good books, like Mary Shelley's horror classic, Frankenstein.

another good stuff: i've got selected to the runner ups (top 3) on multiversitycomics's Hellboy-20th-anniversary-art-contest by Scott Allie and Mike Mignola himself which is incredible and also fucking amazing.

I also started to sell prints of my drawings, if you want to be supernice all you have to do is buy one - im poor, you probably need my shitty drawings on your wall, its a win-win.

My second year animation short also got finished.

(try to watch in on youtube cause blogspot just sucks at embeddig videos)

This is the only animation i did at school that i dont think its 100% crap (i’d say its just around 50%). The gibberish the zombie and the chimp are yapping is from a hungarian radioplay called “Sötétedés után” (“After dark”), and its about two characters torturing each other and fighting about democracy - its all nonsense, what i wanted is to have the most fun animating them (im a fan of blocky-cheesy animation, sorry) and achieving a weird, creepy mood.

a few other animated stuff:

a coverart i did for my man, Sallai Laci's awesome band

the cover i used for my thesis

and finally the usual random stuff

see you

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