2013. december 23., hétfő

out of this world

...im back.
here's most of the stuff i did since i did not show up in here:

an outerspace-themed illustration for an exhibiton.

fungusnazis. i drew a lot more of these mushroom-infected dumb dudes, but i got bored the way i did them so im gonna revise the whole design. and eventually turn the whole thing into a comic, but thats gonna happen later.

this monkey was done for a punkrock flyer. that was a sad, but also a pretty fun show.

alternate covers by me for the hungarian fantasy comic "Dark Age". the colors are by the amazing Haránt Artúr.


a happy clown saying hi

fanarts for Spider King. that comic is gonna rule if you ask me.

the wolverine movie sucked :-(

some randomness

hey kids look its a zombie whos saying something really important stuff about the beauty of life.

and here comes some more randomness

characters i designed for a radioplay. it was a fun job.

and finally some more poopy randomness.

kiss the bottle. see you in 2014

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