2013. július 24., szerda

the end

i drew a short comic. penciled the whole thing on paper, then i inked & colored it in ps, cause i screwed it up bigtime with my penbrush. anyway, here it is. creating a comic is not an easy task, especially for me (but you never get anywhere if you only walk the easy path, right? i guess so), so i tried to have as much fun as i can while doing it - basically i put everything i love to draw into one story. and i think i learned a few stuff from it, so i really cant wait to start drawing the next one (which is going to be a big-ass fight-scene just for practicing). woo this summer is a crazy one

man of steel sucked.

super-mario. if you are a hungarian dude you can check this out in print at the örökmozgó

a friend of mine did some field work near the town of Mátranovák, the “home" of the so-called Mátranováki Fanyűvő (the hungarian bigfoot, google that shit - or check out the drawing i did about him) where little children told him a creepy tale about a witch who lives in an abandoned house in the forest and also has a horse-head. how cool is that? im having a crazy urge to draw horse-headed hags ever since.

random poop

more later

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