2012. december 23., vasárnap


greeting card for the apocalypse.

a ps-d still from an animated short.

a ninja dude.

sketches about Mr Tastee from Pete and Pete (i really love Pete and Pete).

weirdo muthafuckas. basically just random characters i drew in my sketchbook with a yellow background, without any purpose.

ever since i firts red Orwell's 1984 i couldnt shake the idea out of my head that this story would make a great comic. i was 15 then, i cant say i totally agree with the youngster-myself in that, but i found an old '84-type drawing of mine about Winston as a comic character, so i did a quick rewise of it.

a screwed up fetus.

sketchbook page.

christmas scribbles

and i've still got a few (14 or so) piece left from the AMAZING ARMPITWEB spidey-zine, get in touch if you're interested.

have a cold winter

4 megjegyzés:

  1. hát, ha engem kérdezel gecijó. a legjobb cucc amit valaha is kiadtam a kezeim közül legalábbis. tökre megéri azt az 500 forintot mindenesetre, érted, ha már őserdőket vágnak ki a papírért, legalább akkor relatíve szép dolgokra használjuk fel a visszafordíthatatlan fatális pusztulást. (pl pókemberes rajzok)

  2. wow! really intense artwork here! very impressive art style with your expression