2012. szeptember 18., kedd


So I had a hell-of-a-summer. These are not everything i drew, just the ones i did not forget to scan. Anyway, here we go:

Pigs. I had a few encounters with them in the summer - dont trust the police, no justice, no peace

a Cthulhu from my sketchbook

some warrior-ish dude

Spidey's super crazy and evil Doppelganger, made for a zine

a starving african child with poor coloring

...these are early concepts for an animation project

and these are sketches.

more sketches

some unholy muscular dude from the darkest pits of hell

fefi is chillin

a creepy monkey i drew for someone who happens to be a girl

two cover works i did

...and the end itself, in doodle-form. summer's over, colder times are on their way, lets make snowballs and shit. and lets hope i'll be able to draw a lot more in the winter. see you

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