2012. május 15., kedd

like a secret


this semester did not work out quite well for me, i danced too much with the devil while my sheep got lost in the wrong side of the forest. or whatever. anyway...

this one is a cooperated drawing for the fanboy-zine im working on with my friend miklós

and these are some schoolish-drawings, including a poorly-made animatic, also for school.

and finally some random pages from my sketchbook.

ps: to promote my stuff beyond blogspot, i sold my soul and made a tumblr. but worry not, there will be no fake-ass teenage bullshit, just drawings and sketches. checkyoselfbefoyowreckyoself: http://marklaszlo.tumblr.com/

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  1. Ez a bálnás stuff mihez készült Dude? Elég hálás. Gondolom a polippal lesz karöltve..esetleg egy komixban? vagy ne álmodjak..?