2011. június 1., szerda

drugs or god

guess who's back, bros n hoes!

schoolstuff. one of our biggest challenge this year was to make a one-minute-long morf animation. i really fucked up with mine. it started with these sketches:

and it ended up like this:

i hate it.

to learn how to animate morphing lines, i did this short crap, with a fan-art at the end of it.

the other big task was to do a lipsync with an own character, and a voice chosen by us. i created this skinny wrestler dude. the sound is from my all-time favorite starwars episode.

its not finished, but i learned and had fun a lot. ayyieee

metacommunication with own characters, and situation.

some other moving drawings:

a big bunch of sketches.

more random shit IN COLOR (i keep fail to learn how to paint with my tablet):

a cooperated birthday drawing with my classmate Alex, for one of our teacher, Richly Zsolt.

drawing into other people's sketchbook is fun. especially with miklós.

or alone.

thats all for now.
and dont you forget:

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